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"Akihiro Nishino Melbourne"

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Who Are We

We, the 'Akihiro Nishino Melbourne Organizing Committee', are pleased to invite Mr.  Akihiro Nishino to Melbourne from Japan to give a lecture as follows.

We would like to ask for your sponsorship and cooperation and it would be very grateful if you would consider and cooperate with us.


Date: 22 Oct (Sun), 2023, 15:00 - 16:30 (lecture 90 mins)


Venue: Village Roadshow Theatrette - State Library Victoria

   (Theatre in the State Library Victoria)



Capacity: 200 seats


Theme: "Dreams and Money" - an encouragement to Japanese who are taking on challenges overseas.



To provide an opportunity to promote the activities of Japanese people in Australia by inviting Mr Akihiro Nishino, who has led various entertainment and businesses to success in the Corona disaster and is widely active in Japan and overseas through various challenges, to Melbourne at this time of open borders to deliver a lecture.


Ticket prices and number of seats: (SOLD OUT)

  SS: $300 (early bird discount $250) (17 seats)

      S: $180 (Early bird discount $150) (37 seats)

      A: $100 (Early bird discount $90) (56 seats)

      B: $75 (Early bird $70) (74 seats)


Sponsor details: 

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Seat discount coupon:
 Please note that coupons cannot be used if you apply for sponsorship after tickets have sold out.

Deadline for applications:
Platinum sponsors: applications are now closed.
Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors: 31 July (Monday)

How to apply for sponsorship:
Please click on the sponsorship application button below to fill in the form and make payment.

We would appreciate your help in making this lecture a success.

Organiser: Akihiro Nishino Melbourne Organizing Committee

Yukiko Iguchi
0400 314 550 

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